What lies beneath: the hidden truth

Kaya Adair, Staff Writer

We all have our situations, whether they’re with society or our personal lives. What Lies Behind: The Hidden Truth was a title for the art show developed through a class discussion with Amy Shannon’s advanced art classes.  All projects dealt with something that related to the students. Some of the students could have had situations from when they were younger that they brought out now through their projects. They chose issues or situations that changed the way they thought. Issues in today’s life for students could be social status, phone’s, global warming, parents’ divorce, death, pain, and even little things that affect their lives. Some students have had family members die that were close to them, and people don’t always know how something like that can affect a person and change their life.

Shannon’s advanced classes participated in this project. Shannon felt like it was a great way for them to combine techniques and processes that they learned in past projects.  The project was inspired by artist Robert Rauschenberg, who was famous for expressing a point of view through mixed media pieces.  

“This project gave my students an opportunity to see an idea grow from concept to finished product.  They were challenged to make decisions based on construction, feasibility, and if their point of view was clear,” Shannon commented.

Sophomore Naomi Neal, who created the piece Ticking Heart, commented, “It was easier to make the project but harder for people to understand it.”

These projects can take some time and can be very emotional.

“Looking at [the students], you would not suspect that there is anything wrong with them or maybe not anything that drastic, but if you look into their artwork you can see. It’s like the eyes, like a window to the soul. That was their window to their soul, and it’s like ‘oh, you guys have problems too,’” Neal commented.