Employment opportunities for High Schoolers


Trevelle Means, Staff Writer

The new grocery store is here! G&W Foods is a project that the local Thrive announced back in 2015. At our high school, we have several students who are working at the new store:

“I like interacting with the customers. Sometimes it can make your day to see the smile on someone’s face when you ask how they are,” says sophomore Tessa Bain. This is her first official job; she had been delivering newspapers previously.

G&W has a lot of the same things Walmart has, but at a smaller or equal price. But it also has a different variety of things that sets it apart from Walmart.

“To me, this is the perfect job for a high schooler because it is the perfect first job. I love working side by side with them. It is enjoyable,” said Daniel Gile, manager of G&W Foods.

“The training depends on the position and on the person themselves,” says Gile.