Iola Bound

Kaster Trabuc, Journalist

With the second semester in effect, many students look forward to new students that are moving to our school. People that are looking for new friends, and others to talk to, jump at any opportunity to meet these new students. Not all students that move to Iola are from this beautiful state, or even this country.

At the start of the quarter a new student joined the school, she came from Colombia, South America. Her name is Maria H. Escobar, and she became the talk of the school for weeks, with many of the students going out of their ways to go and talk to her, welcoming her to the school. They encouraged her to go out for track, and participate in many different events like homecoming, basketball, and even donkey basketball. She wasn’t the only foreign exchange student that has appeared in Iola in the last quarter, a girl named Hannah Horsley who came from Australia. For many students, this is a way for differences in the school.

Hannah Horsley is only staying for two months with known students, Jack and Eli Adams, while over the summer Jack goes to stay with her family. Hannah has gotten used to the IHS school life, and staying with the Adams family, becoming friends with their friends, and as well as becoming somewhat of a family 

member in the Adams household. “It’s kind of like having a big sister in a way, she eats with us, talks with us, basically acts like us,” Said Eli Adams about Hannah staying with them. Even Jack is happy about the whole situation, for this has opened up a way for him to do one of his favorite hobbies, travelling. After his visit to Africa last summer, Jack has gotten tied to travelling to different places, and countries.