OK Go moving in new directions


For some of us, middle school was the big year for new alternative music — All-American Rejects and the rise of Fall Out Boy, among others. During this time, one band seemed to premiere then fade away: OK Go.
Almost everyone remembers the “treadmill video” for the band’s hit song “Here It Goes Again,” but can you name any of the group’s other hits? Giving that faded stardom some thought, I decided to review OK Go’s third studio album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.”
With the existence of such media outlets as Spotify and YouTube, I’m going to go ahead and assume that not many people actually buy actual CDs anymore, but this is definitely worth putting in your playlist and shuffling.
This album is on my list of the most underrated, and for good reason. The compilation starts off with unique and head-nodding tempos and bass that make you beg for more, and then ends with slow, thoughtful songs like “Last Leaf” and “Back From Kathmandu.”
If your fondest memory of OK Go was the synchronized treadmill dancing, have no fear; many of the singles on this album have equally creative and jaw-dropping music videos.
The albums No. 1 single, “White Knuckles,” features the band with several expertly trained dogs, but it doesn’t stop there. Before you read any more, I strongly recommend watching the video for “Needing/Getting.” Using a car hooked up with various rubber arms, the band drives around a track using the arms to slam against busted pianos, oil drums and other various items to pitch-perfectly re-create the song.
Besides being fantastic toe-tapping melodies, the band’s lyrics all have plenty of meaning and messages. “This Too Shall Pass” is an encouraging, happy song that is impossible to scowl at — especially with lines like “Let it go, this too shall pass. You can’t keep lettin’ it getcha down.”
By not listening to this fantastic album, you’re only robbing yourself of a new favorite artist capable of wowing you on every track.