Homecoming sparkles for all

The halls of IHS were abuzz with school spirit and energy during winter homecoming week, and a full slate of student activities was capped off with a weekend of basketball, royalty and dancing.
Homecoming king and queen Kaleb Beckham and Chloe Friederich were crowned Feb. 8 after the basketball games. It was an emotional night for the candidates and spectators alike. The other winter candidates were Micheala French, Abbey StClair, Libby Shay, Tori Snavely, Katie Thompson, Emily Ware, Alyssa Zimmerman, Levi Ashmore, Justin Baker, Tyler Clubine, Jordan Garcia, Eli Grover, Colton Schubert and Jason Tidd.
“I am honored to be a part of something so respectable,” Friederich said.
Baker, her candidate partner, agreed: “I am honored, shocked, very happy, and I am just glad that me being myself was good enough.”
Grover summed it up with, “It’s pretty nice to be picked.”
As for Thompson, she said she was “speechless, and very happy, honored. Too many words to express my feelings. I was just happy to know that this is how my peers feel about me.”
Overall, the candidates agreed that they had fun and felt good that their fellow classmates thought they were students who were capable of representing their school in the 2013 winter homecoming.