Working with a purpose

This year, there are many students who either participate in sports or have a job. Although sports are fun and entertaining, having a job allows students to be prepared for the “real” world and gain valuable work experience. It also enables them to have a good resume on college scholarships.
A few students have come together to tell a little bit about their jobs.
Junior Christjan Ruby works at the Iola Public Library as a clerk and shelver. He has been working at the library for about three months. He works there because he wants to support the family and needs the money.
Ruby said he works about 20 hours a week and doesn’t normally take breaks. At school, he said, he is involved in SADD and really enjoys it.
Junior Cory Richey, who currently works at A&W, gives a little bit of advice to people applying for the job. He says that you really have to be friendly. The most popular positions are cleaning and bussing the diner. If you are being interviewed, you should sit tall and be understanding and know how to cope with difficult customers and co-workers.
Freshman Ashley Merritt also works at A&W. She works as a cashier and usually likes it. She admitted that jobs come with stresses during busy hours.
Each student expressed that even though jobs prevent them from doing all the things that they really enjoy, they really feel encouraged by their bosses. They know that they are working for a reason and continue to work.