Varsity Basketball Team Wraps Up The Season

Jessica Oakley

The varsity boys record is 4-17 overall, and 3-8 district. “We have not had the best season, but we are also adjusting by losing our seniors from last year,” basketball coach Bill Peeper said. On Feb. 24, the team travelled to Wellsville and suffered a loss of 19 points. The game came out to be 39-58. “We lack one really strong quality: character. We always get upset with each other over stupid mistakes,” said junior Brett Taylor. On Feb. 26, the team suffered another blow by losing 58-67 to Santa Fe Trail at home.

“We didn’t push as hard as we should have,” said senior Kaden Macha. Substate was held March 2 through March 7. On March 5, the Mustangs played first round against the Girard Trojans. The final score was 65-24. In order to play through the seventh, the boys would have had to win. This is the last year the seniors of 2015 can play in substate. The seniors in substate included Travis Hermstein, Kaden Macha, Shane Walden, Kohl Endicott, Adam Peterson, and Alex Bauer.

“I feel like we could have all pulled together and put effort into winning substate a little more and we might have had a better shot at moving to state,” said senior Adam Peterson. Coach Peeper was also excited to play. “If we could have worked harder, not just at substate but all season, we could have gotten farther.” The juniors will need to work extra hard to do better next year. This season there were only five juniors.

The average height for a 15-year-old male in the United States is 5-foot-6. This is slightly different for freshman Ethan Holloway who is an astounding 6-foot-6. When you look at him, you would think ‘he must play varsity basketball.’ That is absolutely correct in his case. He may not start, but coach Bill Peeper believes “he has potential to move ahead and in retrospect, he is our new Tyler Powelson.”

Holloway is glad that his coaches “believe [he] is ready to step up.” This is not the first year that he has shown this “potential” throughout his eight years of basketball playing. In middle school, he played on the “A Team,” which is the middle school version of varsity.

Also, he is the only freshman on the varsity boys team. “I am honored to be here, but I am also very nervous because I have to keep doing good because if I mess up, I am out. There are plenty of upperclassmen to take my spot,” Holloway said. “There comes a lot of pressure with being on varsity as an underclassmen. “

“It forces you to work harder, and it is a bigger challenge,” said sophomore Ben Cooper. Cooper played in the State championship game last season as a freshman, so he may know how Ethan is feeling.

“I feel like it pushes me to be my best, and that’s good for me,” sophomore Isaiah Fawson said. He is another underclassmen on varsity.