Present pageantry

Christopher McCormack, Staff Writer

This recent Christmas the Iola High School band has been a positive force. Iola’s Mustang Sound bought presents for various students in the Jefferson, Lincoln and McKinley Elementary Schools.

The high school band students were divided into groups of five and directed to Wal-Mart to purchase presents for eight anonymous children in need to give on Dec. 14. Group leaders included: sophomore Olivia Taylor, senior Yohon Sinclair, junior Ryan Eyster, and senior Judd Wiltse. Clothes, toys and food were thrown into the shopping carts of the members, with a restriction of forty dollars.

The money for the project was collected fresh out-of-the-pocket from the band’s director, Matt Kleopfer.

Presents ranged from jackets to jeans, and Barbie Dolls to stuffed animals, which were then gift-wrapped by members of the Iola Middle School’s advanced band, ready to be delivered by the Iola High School band members.

The presents were then delivered on Dec. 16, to the unknowing surprise of the children. The reactions of the children were entirely positive. The excitement ran high, not only from the children, but also from the band members. Senior band member Abigail Taylor said, “The children were very happy, and so were we.”

The Iola High School band plans to undertake similar events in the coming future. The band also proposes doing this event again in the next few years.