Students celebrate a successful winter homecoming

Tori Danford, Staff Writer


The week leading up to the The Mad Hatter Extravaganza was a success. The week started strong with the homecoming candidate introductions and ended strong with two wins by the basketball teams.

The cheerleaders and teachers had an exciting time at the pep rally held before the basketball game on Friday, Feb. 5. The cheerleaders were all frightened when the cheerleading coach Mrs. Peeper got up and yelled, “Stop!” The teachers and other staff of IHS, including Mrs. Peeper, started to dance to a mashup of various songs. The whole student body, including the cheerleaders, were caught off guard by this devious plan put into action by the teachers.

Girl’s basketball team won 34 to 28 against Central Heights, and the boy’s team won 57 to 29 against Central Heights. At the conclusion of the basketball games, Ashlie Shields and Brett Taylor were named Homecoming Queen and King. “It feels refreshing to be the Homecoming Queen,” said Shields.”It was a wonderful experience and it’s nice to know that people love and care for me.”

The dance that took place on Saturday, Feb. 6, in the commons. The dance adjourned at 11 p.m., but the midnight movies continued the celebration. The most popular movie that IHS students attended was The Boy, a horror movie. Senior Alex Garber had fun at the dance. He went to the movies and saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. “ My friends and I fell asleep, so we just left,” said Garber. He took his girlfriend, sophomore Shayla Anderson, to the dance and movies.

Students participated in dressing up for Spirit Week: Mad Hatter Monday, Twisted Tuesday, Walt Disney Wednesday, Country Club vs Country Thursday, and the classic blue and gold Friday. Country Club vs Country Thursday was the most widely participated day.

The students were supportive of the girls and boys at their basketball game. The week was full of entertaining events and the students and staff enjoyed them.