Get a job

Chris McCormack & Tori Danford, Staff Writers

Summer is here, and many students are having difficulties searching for a good-paying job. If you are stuck on what type of employment to look for this season, check out these positions that are sure to add weight to your resume and change in your pocket this summer.

  • Lifeguard: Have you ever wanted to soak up the sun and work at the same time? Lifeguarding is the opportunity for you. It allows you to work outside in the sunshine, though only if you are a good swimmer and you can get the proper training. Most pools need several lifeguards and are willing to make sure all training is up-to-date by providing it for you, so search and apply at nearby pools.
  • Paper route: Local paper carriers often pay a set amount to those willing to deliver papers in the early morning. If one is feeling especially ambitious, they may drive a car on route or run multiple routes.
  • Car Washing: If you know your way around an automobile, car washing or detailing can wield monetary results. This may take a bit of preparation, but can yield some good money. Get permission and use a parking lot or an area of a yard to hold a car wash. Do it yourself or enlist some friends and split the profits.
  • Window cleaning: This is helpful if you cannot get other jobs due to legal restrictions, particularly because of age limitations. Cleaning supplies are inexpensive and going from business to business to establish who needs a cleaner can be busying, but the work eventually will come.
  • Lawn care: Put out fliers and promote a self-created or group produced lawn care or gardening service. Mowing grass for a fee pays well in the long run. If one wants to go into more than just mowing, they may also weed, landscape, or garden.
  • Tutoring: If there is a particular subject that you excel in, offer to tutor students at your level or up to several below. Most of the time letting teachers know you are willing to tutor for a small fee or putting an ad out in the library will bring customers your way.
  • Fast food: Fast food places typically make one do many different tasks in order to reach the payroll, but by the end of the day it may tire you out. A fast paced environment that doesn’t pay much may sound a bit overwhelming, but still helps out in the long-run. Skills that you get from these jobs, such as customer service and problem solving, can help prepare you for a career later.
  • Wait Staff: Sit-down restaurant work can be a difficult job, but pays very well. Teens can be a host, clean dishes, or wait tables.
  • Pet maintenance: Pet grooming can go as a component of a pet walking business, or be a business all by itself. Washing and grooming animals could earn some money, as many people hate trying to give their pet a bath. The downside is some animals may get a bit agitated at the prospect of a bath. Find out what professional groomers pay and make up for your inexperience by giving a reasonable price.
  • Painting service: This is a good job for almost any age. The major difficulties involve not being worried of getting dirty or not minding physical activities. Basic painting skills are necessary and if one has never helped someone to paint before they may want to avoid complicated indoor jobs. This may entail working on your own, or working for a business if available.

These are ways that you can get money or just to pass the time. Try an adventure yourself. Maybe that summer job will turn into an all-year-long job.