What older generations can learn from Millennials

Persephone Means, Editor

This is a message to the generations that just don’t get us Millennials.

Don’t be so competitive. Just because it takes Millennials longer to achieve their goals does not mean they are broken or dumb.

Work is not the be-all-end-all of life. This goes with not being so competitive. I have noticed in the people from the older generations that they measure their worth by how much they have accomplished in their work life. For someone who may have only been able to get minimum wage jobs, that can be disheartening. Millennials are more relaxed in this, not letting their self-worth and work-life blend together as much.

Being open-minded is the newest trend. Seriously. As of 2015, the ever-growing population is made up of 60 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds classified as non-Hispanic white, versus 70 percent for those 30 and older. This shows a record low of whites, with 19 percent Hispanic, 14 percent black, 4 percent Asian, and 3 percent mixed race or other. (www.uschamberfoundation.org)

One of the best examples is an increase in LGBT Safe Zones and Gay-Straight alliances. 70 percent of Millennials (1981-2016) favor same-sex marriage, 59 percent of Gen X-ers (1965-1980) are in favor, 45 percent of Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are in favor, and 39 percent of the Silent Generation (1928-1945) are in favor.

Go on adventures. Working class citizens who take time off are generally more productive, have higher morale, and are less likely to mentally “check out” on the job. They also report less stress and burnout. It also helps anyone to expand their mind; that is, to actually see the world in a new way. When people become accustomed to a certain way of living, their minds tend become closed to many of life’s possibilities. (www.healthfitnessrevolution.com)

The Millennials want to go places, together, that are aesthetically pleasing and full of things to do. Travelling to farther-away places is not uncommon with my newer generation, and being able to share it on social media is a plus. Using these adventures can help you get closer with your friends and family, and through social media, you will be able to tell everyone you know about it.

Embrace technology. As most of us Millennials know, technology has grown extensively over the last ten years. Older generations had to live without Siri and Google. Some of the benefits of learning how to embrace the newest technology include improved business (on and offline), more job opportunities, better communication, and leaps and bounds in the medical field.

Speak up for what you believe in. I know that this may be a bit contradicting to being open-minded in some cases, but Millennials have proven that when you speak up for something, change is bound to happen.

While there are many things that Millennials do that the older generations don’t understand, these are just a few of the many things that you can learn from us.