The Truth About Divorce

Mackenzi Hutton, Staff Writer

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Some of you may have heard that over half of marriages will end in divorce. Well, that’s completely wrong. Divorce has been on a decline since the 1980s which was then at 50%. Experts now say it has decreased to about 39% in the U.S.

A recent study shows that in 2016, young people were 18% less likely to divorce when compared to a 2008 study. Another reason why divorce is not as common in younger people is that it’s becoming more selective.

“Marriage was once a starting block for most young people, now it’s more of a high diving board,” says

Cohabitation is becoming more normal in westernized countries. In 2018, 15 % of people lived with someone that they weren’t married to, Americans were at 25%.’s article says ‘’according to Pew Research, more than one of every two children born to cohabiting parents will endure a parental breakup by age 9, as opposed to only one-in-five born within a marriage. They’re also more likely to be poor: 16% of cohabiting parents are living below the poverty line, while just 8% of married parents are. And should they split up, things get direr; 27% of solo parents live in poverty.’’

So the people getting married are staying together more often than not, but that group is more privileged. The more unfortunate, less-educated are being left out. This is sad, but in addition over half of these people that have never been married would like to be.

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