Farm City Days 2020


The Iola High School and Middle School joined together for Saturday’s Farm City Days parade.

Dave Drago, Journalist

October 17th 2020

A couple of days ago, many of us (against COVID-19 Restrictions) attended Farm City Days. The purpose:  “The Farm City Days celebration will be held the third weekend in October focusing on bringing both walks of life, Farmers and City folk, together for a time of fellowship and celebration to remind us that we are all a part of this beautiful community” (Iola Chamber of Commerce and Tourism). Hundreds and possibly even up to a thousand or more citizens of Iola, Gas, LaHarpe, Basset, Colony, Humboldt, and various other cities and townships gathered on the square. My father, his family, and I walked seven blocks to the square where we watched the parade, and for me, ate a massive hamburger.

Float after float, Democrat after Republican, and even the annual appearance of Jake LaTurner. This parade had many political themes.

We also saw dancers, cheerleaders, Masons, and countless others.

At night many of us gathered to ride the rides, and for some, witness one break.

T’was a great night. My favorite part of this parade was of course, the bands.

Our very own band was followed by the glorious Vikings, and the Triumphant Kobras, who beat their drums so loud and in such a way that I could hear them from many blocks away, and I could feel the vibrations shake my body as the vibrations traveled through their legs and the street while they drummed next to me.

They were the highlight of that parade for me.


Now that I have mentioned the superior part of the parade, I must ask what your gremlin minds think was the “best” part.