Distinguish Mustang Award Banquet

Hailey Fite, Journalist

On November 10th, Iola High School held its first annual “Distinguished Mustang Award” Banquet. Coach Daugharthy acknowledged every student athlete, from every grade, leaving nobody out and giving a small and positive message about every single one. Two former Mustang football players, who played for undefeated teams, spoke to us during the banquet: Mr. Harvey Rodgers (class of 1953) and Mr. Richard Burris (class of 1967). Students made a trophy for this event, and many events to come, that will display the names of our current and future “Distinguished Mustang Award” honorees. 

The 2020 Distinguished Mustang Award was awarded to Dillon Slaven. Dillon’s name, along with many to come, will be engraved on the trophy made by the amazing students of the shop and metal classes, which will remain on display at Iola High School.

Story Contributors: Kota Weide and Kalibre Smith.

Photos: Kota Weide